It's Time to Rise Up

Georgia is in a crisis and the time to act is now. 

One in five people in our state live below the poverty line. Year after year, funding for education has been slashed, while the Department of Corrections has seen their budget swell. Tens of thousands of foreclosures combined with sky-rocketing rents has made it difficult for many families just to keep a roof over their head. Without key political changes affecting living wages, affordable housing, and better education opportunities, Georgians will continue to suffer. 

Despite all this, not all hope is lost. A surge of growth in recent decades has created a new majority in Georgia-- made up of people of color, women, immigrants, young people, and the LGBTQ community. Together we can Rise Up and reclaim our state from forces that are increasing hostile to working people and families. 

Our state is stronger when all of us have the basis to create strong communities, invest in the future, and uphold dignity in public, at home, and in the workplace. 



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    #Time2Escalate: A Statement by Rise Up Georgia

    On April 23, Rise Up Georgia (Rise Up), a volunteer membership led organization, in coalition with #BlackLivesMatter Atlanta, Freedom U and SONG performed an action in the name of Black Joy in the face of White Supremacy. Rise Up held space at the main gate of Stone Mountain Park for 30 minutes engaging in song and dance, paying in pennies ($15 for the entrance fee), and informing drivers of the White Supremacy rally that was happening inside the park. Members directed traffic away from the park allowing families to leave so they would not bear witness to the hateful events happening inside the park.    Photo Credit: Arturo Martinez Del Rello 
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    Whose Opportunity? Profiting Off School Turnaround & Takeover in Atlanta

    February 1, 2016 This November, Georgia voters will decide whether to approve or reject Governor Nathan Deal's proposed “Opportunity School District” (OSD). Modeled on similar initiatives in Louisiana and Tennessee, where state takeover districts turned a majority of traditional public schools into charters, the OSD would enable the state to seize control of up to 100 “failing” schools for between five and 10 years. Rise Up Georgia, along with our partners at the Center for Popular Democracy, have released a report detailing how the OSD would pave the way for privately-run charter schools and potential profiteering, while stripping  power from communities of color and likely producing marginal, if any, academic improvements. The report also explores how the board of Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has adopted policies intended to avoid school takeover, should the OSD pass, that actually create some of the same harmful consequences and private profiteering as the OSD itself. Click here to download the full report. 
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